A few times in a life, you visit a new place and there is an energy about it that makes your heart sing. It might be the view, the flora and fauna, or the warmth of its people. A retreat center, in south central Costa Rica, called Finca Mia is one of those special places. Finca Mia is all of these, beautiful views, warm hosts and abundant flora and fauna.

Photo by Sunny Strasburg

Situated at the base of the Chirripo Mountain Reserve, Finca Mia is a rustic, cozy jungle retreat offering many amenities for travelers who are seeking an experience that goes beyond just being a visiting tourist. Shared meals in the kitchen long-house create an intimate, community feeling.

Costa Rica has many different lodging locations available. But if you’re looking for something unique, an experience that is full of warmth, opportunity for self reflection and insight, and restful rejuvenation, Finca Mia is your refuge.

The clear, emerald waters of the Rio Talari fill the air with the sound of rushing water. Huge, mossy boulders dot the river. And along the river’s banks, life grows abundant in this rugged, jungle atmosphere. Stepping stone paths criss-cross the forest, and as you stroll to your private abode, fragrant flowers scent your journey, and colorful birds dart about. The cabinas dotting the paths look like fairy palaces. Our hosts cultivate the organic gardens which provide some of the fruits and vegetables for the guests of Finca Mia. Meal are prepared fresh daily with local ingredients to cater to diverse tastes and diets of our guests.

Finca Mia is a place to go M.I.A. from your daily routines. Feel cradled in the arms of the Chirripo Mountain.  Truly melt away as the Rio Talari flows through your soul, sweeping out the cobwebs.  Breathe in the sweet Costa Rican air, bringing freshness and vitality.

Finca Mia is a cherished space for many, and it is an honor to share this magical gem with you.

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Finca Mia

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